Heeran Love Song- Chapter 8

Heeran Love Song- Chapter 8

Heeran Love Melody is a rom-com manga by Nakamura Asumiko, distributed in Japan by Shueisha under the Ribon Mascot Comics engrave. The story bases on the secondary school love life of Eita Tomu, the greatest playboy at his school, and Hana-chan, his mystery love from youth. While Eita has had various casual hookups and lady friends throughout the long term, Hana-chan was the young lady that moved away – until she appears as a craftsmanship instructor at his secondary school!


In Chapter 8 of the Heeran Love Tune manga, we see a flashback to the day when Kim Joon and Kyunghee initially met. The part starts with Kyunghee heading back home in the downpour with her guitar case and umbrella. She turns down a rear entryway to stay away from traffic, yet she sees a man by a dumpster who is by all accounts attempting to stow away from somebody. Kim Joon is holding his messed up phone as he strolls up and welcomes her. In the wake of presenting himself, they visit for a little while about music. Kyunghee offers him the utilization of her telephone to call for help since it’s not functioning admirably and after he overcomes, she understands that it’s simply been on quiet mode this entire time. As they are trusting that their rides will come get them, Kim Joon inquires as to whether she needs to go get some tea or something rather since nothing bad could really be said about both of their telephones now.


Section 8 is the main part of this book that I don’t know what to say. It’s a somewhat conventional prologue to the principal character, Yeon-hwa. We figure out that she’s enamored with her closest companion and she has a keen interest in another person. The story goes off in a strange direction when it just so happens, her closest companion is getting hitched and his fiancee is Yeon-hwa’s ex.


In part eight of the manga, we get to see another side of the principal character. He is generally saved and doesn’t talk a lot, however here we see him blowing up and hollering when he sees his better half with another person. This surprises her and she takes off. Later in the section, as they are perched on a recreation area seat he admits his affection for herself and they kiss.


I’m not as a rule into manga, however I read Heeran’s affection tune on the grounds that my better half was into it. For seven days in a row, she would carry her PC to the bistro and read it on our break. A tale about this vocalist experiences passionate feelings for this young lady who is his most diehard follower. They go through this multitude of undertakings together, and they wind up living cheerfully ever later. I’m glad for them!

Last Contemplations

On the off chance that you really love the anime and manga, this is a fascinating perused. I viewed the part as somewhat short and would have loved it to be a piece longer, however in any case it was a pleasant section. The story streamed all around well and there wasn’t whatever diverted from the plot. The end left me needing all the more so I’m eager to see what occurs in the following section!

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