Star Wars Cake Recipe – How to Make it?

Star Wars cakes are amazing! Both of these designs are easy to make and fun for any Star Wars fan. I made these for my grandkids who LOVE Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. Watch the video as she makes these incredible cakes that are bursting with chocolate and filled with Oreo cookies, Hershey’s Kisses, Star Wars chocolate candies, sugar sprinkles and dragees.

You can find the set of chocolate molds I used in my Amazon shop on this page. I love it. You can use them to make chocolates like I did in the video, use them in baking, or use them to make ice cubes. Share two designs to unleash your creativity. Use elements from them or create a completely new design of your own.

For star war cakes There are so many characters from the films that you can incorporate or duplicate the ones I made if you wish.

All links to the star war cakes recipes are at the bottom of this page. Easy Star Wars Cake Recipe and Tutorial (Death Star Cake) – Homemade with simple ingredients. It’s a chocolate star war cake with vanilla buttercream and topped with marshmallow fondant. INGREDIENTS 1 batch of chocolate cake2 cups American Buttercream Frosting Black Fondant Gray Fondant

Equipment for Star Wars Cake

  • Edible food markers: to draw the image of Darth Maul in fondant.
  • Darth Maul Face Stencil: to make Darth Maul’s face.
  • Star Wars Logo Template – For instructions on how to cut the logo out of fondant.
  • Stern Butt Cutter
  • Letter Cutter
  • Pizza Wheel
  • Craft Sugar Knife
  • Food Grade Brush
  • Fondant Glue

Instruction for Star Wars Cake

  • Bake chocolate cake in a 9-inch dome pan and let cool completely for Star Wars Cake.
  • While it cools, make the frosting.
  • When the cake has completely cooled, cut it in half.
  • Fill it with icing. T
  • hen glaze the entire cake as evenly as possible.
  • Roll out the black fondant and spread it over the cake.
  • Cut off any excess on the sides with a knife or pizza cutter.
  • Roll out the gray fondant and cut out a round piece (about 3 inches) and add details using a utility knife and a few small circle and square pieces.

Put aside. Use the back of a spoon or your fingers to gently dig into the top of the cake and make an indentation. Glue the round piece here with a little water.

Star Wars logo on cake

  • Roll out some yellow fondant (white fondant colored with golden yellow food coloring) thinly. Place the paper Star Wars logo template on the rolled out fondant and cut it out of sugar with a craft knife. Letters are much easier to cut out when the fondant is slightly dry. So if you have trouble cutting the fondant, leave it out for a few minutes after rolling
  • If you are also having trouble keeping the paper template in place, lightly butter the paper and glue it to the fondant. That way the paper doesn’t move much while you work on it. Once that’s done, simply peel off the paper. When you’re done with all the letters, stick them on the birthday cake.
  • Since they are intended to be placed on top of a buttercream covered cake, no special glue is required. Simply press the letters into the buttercream until even with the frosting. This helps hold them in place without having to apply special glue. glue them.

Darth Maul Image in Fondant

  • Roll out a piece of white fondant thin enough that you can see through the Darth Maul stencil image when you place it underneath. Use a black edible pencil to trace the pattern of the face along with all the lines of the face. Once the face is completely traced, use a pizza wheel to cut out the face.
  • Then paint it red and yellow with slightly diluted red and yellow food coloring. After that, use the black edible marker to redraw all the lines.
  • Roll out the gray fondant again, but this time cut out rectangular pieces. Add details with a sharp knife and circular decorative tips of various sizes to create indentations.
  • Use a brush and some water to stick them onto the cake. Steam the cake. (with a steam iron) from a distance of 1 foot and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Use edible silver spray to achieve a metallic finish.

Making the lightsaber out of fondant

  • Start with the center part of the lightsaber out of white fondant. Shape it by hand and print a few lines on both ends. After that, form deep indentations in the ends of each side. You can do this with a fondant molding tool or simply with the back of a large food brush.
  • Next, roll up 2 long narrow strips of the same size in red.
  • Attach them to the ends of the white fondant with some glue. When you’re done, set the lightsaber aside to allow the glue to dry completely and ensure all components are securely attached. Only after it was fully cured did he paint the white part of the lightsaber with silver edible paint.
  • To make the color, mix edible silver powder with a few drops of lemon extract.
  • Mix until a thick color forms. Set the lightsaber aside again to allow the paint to dry completely before layering it onto the Star Wars cake.
  • The Stars and Letters on the Cake
  • While you wait for the lightsaber paint to dry, cut out the stars and letters for the cake. Cut the stars into different sizes.
  • Use the same yellow fondant for the letters on the cake.

Assembling the Star Wars Birthday Cake

  • To assemble the cake, use a wide icing scraper or cake board to gently lift the image of Darth Maul onto the cake and place the decorations on top of the cake. .And then place the letters to form the birthday person’s name. Finally, using the remaining space, place the lightsaber on the cake.
  • To attach the cake toppers, gently press the Darth Maul image, fondant lettering name and lightsaber into the buttercream cake, flush with the buttercream frosting. This way the embellishments stay securely in place without the need for special glue.
  • When the top of the cake is complete, attach the phrase “Happy Birthday” to the cake board at the front of the cake. Use fondant glue to fix them on the cake board And finally, press the fondant stars into the buttercream around the cake. This can be done in a random order, making sure they are evenly distributed across the cake. Let the stars set a bit before placing them on the cake. helped keep them in shape when you lift them up and press them into the buttercream.

Leftovers of Star Wars Cake can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Please note that fondant may become a little soft and sticky during this time as it will break down in the fridge.

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