About 1,000 shop workers working at Zara and other Inditex (ITX.MC) fashion brands  went on strike  in the company's  northern Spanish hometown on Friday to demand better wages

Carmiña Naveiro, a  retail assistant at Zara and president of the regional union CIG, who called for the strike

Two stores, one by Zara and one by Massimo Dutti, were forced to close temporarily  on Thursday as the two-day strike began. rising amid runaway inflation

The retailer employs 165,000 people in 177 countries.

The retailer employs 165,000 people in 177 countries.

About 86% of them work in the 6,477 stores

According to the unions, Inditex employees in Madrid and A Coruña currently earn less than 1,400 euros a month.

CIG is pushing for a bigger pay rise after rejecting the company's recent offer to give salespeople a one-time bonus of 1,000 euros ($1,041) in 2023 and a -euro increase in their monthly salary through 2024

However, managers and  employees who were not on strike were keeping most stores open to cope with the spate of discounts and sales on Black Friday, union leaders said.

including women - gathered early in the morning in front of the 44 Inditex stores in A Coruña, where the fashion giant is based on the outskirts of the city